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Brace yourselves:
Edits of old Solar Girls' pics are coming...


NWSaiyanX's Profile Picture
Alan Hernández
I'm a simple man that likes to draw and write for his fanfic "The N-Warriors" (Spanish only) and for friends.

Current Residence: Monterrey, Nuevo León, México
Favourite genre of music: De todo... menos reggaeton
Personal Quote: wait, what?!

So... you guys know about my "Solar Girls" Proyect, right? The one where I create/adopt female OCs of different concepts, right?

Well... as of this journal... I have 335 of them... all of them with Keyblades... and boobs, of course.
Since I discover I have a thing for design/collect female OCs, I just went overboard and create a ton of them. I wont give them for adoption: I'm a little attached to them. But i'll give them their own story, and several of them will live in some "universes" I have created to them.

However, there is a problem: I have little time to create their own stories, as I have a job, games and more OCs to do. So, here is the question:

Should I upload them without their own stories? Or should I wait and create their stories?

It's just to know your opinion.
Note: So… I’m still modifying this so… yeah, expect some changes…


Hi, everyone!

Well, I’ll give it a try into this commission thing, so… here I go:

First rule: FEMALE OCs ONLY… for now…
I do this because I have WAY more experience with a female body (Like 95% of my gallery are busty women), and I’m not that experienced drawing males, so I can only offer female drawings.

Commission - Ka Omega by NWSaiyanX

Mature Content

Commission - Cat Lingerie Lilith by NWSaiyanX
Canna for Quote by NWSaiyanX Solar Girl 084 -Blair the Cat- by NWSaiyanX

Mature Content

A Treasure's Summer for Midas-Bust by NWSaiyanX

Mature Content

Miri's Summer Time for Petrusamato by NWSaiyanX
Summer Fun for Haitchjay by NWSaiyanX Cat Lingerie-Iris by NWSaiyanX Pako's Solar Super Waifus for Pakozx5 by NWSaiyanX The X-Sisters once more for La Emperatriz by NWSaiyanX Quote Girls for Quote-J by NWSaiyanX Solar Girl 081 -Melody Embrace- by NWSaiyanX Galaxia - The Arsenal of the Solar Keys by NWSaiyanX

-Lineart: $15 (Extra characters $5)
-Full Color: $22 (Extra characters $5)
Backgrounds: I only do simple color backgrounds, so they are free of charge. If you want a more detailed background, we can talk about it. If the female OC is in a bikini, there is an option to choose the “Novae Beach” background, free of charge.

So… what can I draw?
1-Female OCs? Yeah, of course I can
2-Anthro? I can give it a try, only if she has a female body-type. Still have problems with paws, though so…
3-Male OCs? Like I said, Female OCs only. If you insist me of drawing a male, I have to see who you’re talking about and see if I can draw him.
4-NSWF? There is only one NSFW type I can draw for now, and that’s paizuri, so the OC needs to be busty. Sorry, not really into drawing NSFW stuff other than that for commissions, at least not for now.
5-Sonic art? If you see my only Mobian OC, she is not like normal Mobians, as she has thicker legs, arms and of course, breasts. Technically, a thicker, shorter human with some Mobian characteristics, so if I have to draw a Sonic character, they’ll be like that. Still, I’ll try to make them as “canon” as possible.
6-Mecha? Depends; if it’s simple, I could do it. Detailed mecha is a no-no

What I WON’T Draw:
2-Extreme Fetishes
3-Real people
4-Expansion and giantess (If the female is very busty, I can draw her)
5-Hate and racist art
6-Extra parts (Extra limbs, boobs, heads… I can’t draw that for the moment)

Poses could be very similar between them!
Like I said, since I have little free time, many poses could be reused if possible to finish the commission as quick as possible. Of course, I’ll try to make them different and unique, but if you think some picture has a similar pose to another, then this is why. By commissioning me, you accept this point.

And of course, if YOU have an idea for a pose, send me a reference and I could work based on that. but if you dont specify, I'll pick a more generic one.


1-Method of Payment: Paypal, and I won’t start until I have confirmed the deposit.
2-The customer pays any charges, although they are already in the final price
3-I try to draw the poses as simple as possible to have the commission as quick as possible, as I don’t have that much time to work, so many poses will look similar. Still, be patient, your commission will be done eventually.
4-Modifications are allowed, although only in the lineart phase and just 3 modifications per drawing.
5-Send me references of your character and a description of what you want. I won’t accept text descriptions, sorry.
6-Write Keyblade at the beginning of your note or message, so I know you have read the rules. If you don’t, I’ll deny any request until you do.
7-I’ll give you the drawing with no logo from my part, and you can upload in other site. However, don’t forget to give me credit. I’ll upload the one with my logo on my gallery. If you want the commission to be private, just tell me.
8-In the case of the NSFW (paizuri-only) stuff, there is an option for me to draw your character in an already made pose that I’ll show you. If you accept one of the poses, it’ll cost you $16 instead of $22. This pics won’t be uploaded in DA for obvious reasons, and will be posted in FA or similar sites that accept NSFW art.
9-I try to be quick with the drawings, but it could take me time. Be patient.
10-I have the right to accept or not your commission if it goes against the rules, I find it hard to do or if the user is bugging me to finish it faster.

That’s all. If you’re interested, send me a note to contact me, I’ll send you my paypal address.
See ya next time!
Tagged by :iconpetrusamato:, who request some facts for my OC Elyon Kanata, so... here they are.
Also, I upgraded her looks =P

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag from 3 to 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about (which leads to rule 4).
4: Post their avatars and write the character names next to them.

Elyon Kanata
Solar Girl 020 -Elyon Kanata- by NWSaiyanX

Fact #1
Elyon's looks where inspired by Izumi Sawatari, from the anime "He is My Master". I took her name from W.I.T.C.H.'s character Elyon Brown. The surname "Kanata" is derived from "Canada", from where she is.

Fact #2
She was supposed to be an Airforce pilot (Since I like fighter jets), hence why her emblem looks like the United States Airforce Symbol.

Fact #3
Originally, she was a normal soldier in a nameless military. However, after playing the recent X-COM games, I decided to make her an X-COM Soldier from Canada. I repainted her weapon acordingly. In X-COM, I got a female Canadian soldier, so I gave that character her name and looks. I got her to be in my main team, when suddently, the leader of that team (a Sniper) was killed while saving her (he shoot an alien who was about to flank her). Now her new canon is that this sniper was a sort of mentor to Elyon, and now she remember his name.

Fact #4
She prefers kinetic weapons over laser or plasma, as she says that she prefers the feeling of the recoil.

Fact #5
She loves bunnies, and she has several plushies of them in her room. Her iphone and computer have bunny-style backgrounds. She almost fangirls when she sees Bunny Girls that are part of the Solar Girls (Future OCs... I need to draw Elyon in a bunny suit XD )

Fact #6
She is the leader of a new group of soldiers. This was part of her old story and it was just modified to her new one. She is not the bustiest in this group of 4-5 other girls (Cause of course they'll be girls)

Fact #7
While it doesnt seems like in public, she is very shy when people praise her or talk good about her in private. Tell her good things about her personality or even praise her body (in a cute way) and she'll melt. If you do it pervertly... well, she IS a trained soldier, and she'll show you why.

Fact #8
The Keyblade gave her lightning powers. Because of this, she can recharge or make electric machines work without plugging them in. She always carries her iphone with her to hear music.

Who I tag?.... NO ONE!!! I dont know who to tag :XD:



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